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Jesus is a Staten Island-based photographer who has accrued more than ten years of professional experience. He was drawn to the medium through his dual passions for portraits and cars, eager to preserve some memory of what he was seeing. Although he continues to shoot these subjects regularly, he also does extensive work with models and artists.

Jesus is a veteran of the US Army, and with thirteen accumulated years of service, he is still a member of the reserves. Serving in the military developed in Jesus strong senses of work and integrity, and he dedicates himself fully and completely to any project in which he takes part.

The key to Jesus’s success is communication. He listens closely to what his clients tell him so that whether he is working on a portrait, a boudoir, or a car photograph, he is executing based on the clients’ precise needs. He has a knack for putting the camera in the right place and expressing himself in a way that is clear yet simple.

Ultimately, Jesus aims to have his photographs published. He is a family man at heart, sharing his home with his lovely wife and their two beautiful daughters.

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Even if you have all the money in the world, there still would be one thing that would not be in your control, time. Once it passes by then it never comes back, no matter how hard you try. The best way however to savor the time that you are spending is to capture it in a camera so that you can at least remember it clearly later in the future. Taking photographs is also an art, there are certain sceneries that an artist sees and not anyone else, there are certain ways through which a picture must be taken in order to ensure that it gives the best look. I am here at your disposal to provide you with everything that you might need.

I am a professional photographer whose interests are in portraits, boudoir and cars. I have worked with several artists along the years as well. I have been in this line of work for the longest of times now and being in it for this long I can safely say today that I have excelled at the work that I do and the quality of service that I provide to my invaluable clients. My experience and skills mean that I can guarantee you a satisfying work which will leave you wanting for more. I do not compromise on quality and settle for nothing below perfection.

Go through my space now to learn more about the work that I do and the services that I provide.

Melissa S.
"I LOVE LOVE the photos!!! Your Patience, professionalism and great eye left me amazed. Those are pictures I will treasure forever. Thank you so much for the amazing job and making it so easy. I look forward to work with you again."

Melissa S.
Monica S.
I've worked with you more than once and each time was amazing. You were extremely professional while also helping me loosen up a bit so I wouldn't be so stiff in front of the camera. You were able to capture everything that I wanted for my photos. Each photo was completely different and saying they were beautiful is an understatement. It was fun working with you! Like previously stated you were extremely professional however you were fun as well. The perfect mix!!

Neslie L.
Working with Jesus was a pleasant experience. Besides having great work ethic, he has an outgoing personality. As a new model, sometimes I have a hard time relaxing in front of the camera, but with Jesus, I felt relaxed and my poses came naturally. Our photoshoot allowed me to expand my portfolio. I was also featured in Teen Vogue for the August 2016 issue for Vera Wang's "Rock the Rules" after using one of the headshots from our spring shoot. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me, it could have only been accomplished with your help. We will work together soon. <3 <3 Hoorah.

Neslie L.


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*All sessions include a private viewing to select and approve final images, additional images available at an additional cost.

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